Do I have  to get a G.P. to refer me to KACS ?


No, you can refer yourself by telephoning 066 7181333

What happens on the first session ?


If you under 18 a parent / guardian has to sign a consent form so that a KACS therapist can work with you. Then you will meet with counsellor for about an hour to discuss how you will work together and to make a contract. Confidentiality will be discussed with you before you begin to talk about the reasons you are attending KACS.

How much does it cost ?


KACS is a free service, however we accept donations from clients.This is based on what you can afford. The upper limit being €60.00

What if I don’t like it ?


It will be up to you to decide if you wish to return for further sessions.

Do I have to do painting / drawing?


No, some clients like to work via art, some prefer not to – you and your therapist will work out which suits you best.

Will the conseller tell my parents everything I tell him /her ?


No, the therapist works with you in professional and confidential way within the usual limits of confidentiality. if however you tell your counsellor that:

  • you are at risk of harming youself or another person
  • you are at risk / experiencing physical, emotional or sexual abuse
  • another young person under the age of 18 is are at risk / experiencing physical, emotional or sexual abuse

Then your counsellor will be obliged to report to your parent / guardian or the relevant authorites.

Will the conseller tell my school if I am attending, or what I talk about ?


No, KACS does not confirm your attendance to your school. KACS does not  issue reports of any kind.